About Us

Who is Coach Tonya Wells?

Tonya Wells is a Higher Way Coach and the founder of Higher Way Training Center. She is a teacher, trainer, workshop and retreat facilitator, author, and video creator. She is passionate about personal growth and believes all of us, herself included, can be inspired to “come up higher” in thought, feeling, and action when stuck or at an impasse. 

Tonya grew up in the Christian church yet struggled to live what she saw in the Scriptures. She wanted to love others but didn’t know how to love herself. She wanted to be confident and strong but was insecure and heavily dependent upon others. She wanted to focus and be productive but was preoccupied with negative self-talk and found herself paralyzed with indecision. 

Today, Tonya is still active in the Christian church.  She no longer struggles. She has learned how to allow herself to grow into the woman she desires to be.  Insecurity, self-consciousness, and negative self-talk are but a vague memory of her distant past. Is she perfect? If you mean without flaw, the answer is “no”. But she would tell you, she has learned how to be free from herself and is growing up into all things in Christ. Tonya wants that same freedom for you too!

Tonya takes pride in her ability to listen for word pictures and beliefs that keep people bound to unwanted attitudes and behavior. She is a jewel of kindness exhibiting strength and wisdom. It is a strength that will not allow you to stay the same if you indeed are hungry for change.  

Tonya began her pursuit of personal growth over 25 years ago and has never looked back! She has invested hours in study, in creating models and materials to bring about change in her own life, and now she wants to share them with you! 

She has served as a therapist for over 13 years with Prestera Center, working with adults in a community-based program. She facilitates book studies and coaching programs within her local church and has also facilitated local retreats and workshops for the community. Many of her timeless trainings can now be found online with more to come.

In addition to her love for teaching, coaching, and creating content, Tonya enjoys time with her husband, anything outdoors, reading, watching baseball, shooting a little basketball at the park, taking walks, talking with friends, and enjoying ’70s & ’80s music, especially R&B. 


Our mission is to inspire men and women to come up higher in thought, feeling, and action when stuck or at an impasse. 


Our vision is to create timeless, personal growth content that is easy to practice and live out at home, work, and in the community.  We believe that fear and resistance to change will fall away as one gains understanding as to how to change and why the change is important for a higher quality of life. 


Our core value is to understand the beauty, power, and strength of Christ. To allow His disposition, His heart, His ways, and His Life to transform ours. As we change for the better, so will the world around us. Tonya has compassion for those who attend church and those who do not. Her content isn’t about arguing doctrine or religion. It’s about growth and impacting the world in a life-giving way.